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A Data-Object DRM Overlay Service

To protect content data by implementing our newly-introduced DRM technology

Data-Object Security

Data-Object Security

In the environment where digital contents can be freely and illegally used, an idea has came up for exchanging files or data streams in any digital formats through the Internet safely without any infringement on potential copyrights and its patent was granted as #8,291,219 by the USPTO.

We try to provide a DRM layer between the Application and the Transport sets of the ISO's OSI Reference Model. The data through any network media either up or down, if necessary, are transformed into an unreadable format with a couple of adequate authentication methods to achieve end-to-end encryption. This concept is called “data-object security.” One of these authentication methods is device dependent, which encrypted data streams transmitted are allowed to be decrypted and used only on a group of registered devices in the possession of a recipient. This means that only designated people can use those data. Another is managed by time, which the data are used within an allowable time period registered. The time-based access control can be used for the online video rental business and the online book borrowing at library. This is a framework easily realizing data-object DRM overlay service.

We do believe that this approach and methodology must be the best practice to retain the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals while the Internet kept open at the same time.

Our Special DRM Chipset


We provide a perfect copyright management technology in a cyber-physical approach to prevent the illegal use of digital contents. Its SDK is implemented in programing languages such as HTML5 and even in various OSes. For the authentication of data to be decrypted, the chipset has a device ID matching capability for device identification and a clock timing capability for time validation.

Our special DRM chipset consists of three components:

   ・ Encryption/Decryption

   ・ ID Match

   ・ Time Validation

The encryption algorithms from third party for the Encryption/Decryption module will be used for actual chipset creation. User-defined algorithms can also be added to the chipset. The time-managed authentication module will be based on the CPU clock timing technology. Although decrypted data can be protected from dead copying by a special software technique, the combination with other rendering hardware can accomplish it more easily and brings a perfect DRM.

When users request to use the data, this system automatically registers the reproduction devices' unique identification information as a table into a file or a data stream itself, and/or stored in the sever with encrypted content data. At the same time, the file or the data stream is timestamped. Then, it judges whether it is reproducible or not at playback time on the reproduction devices. If the identification information matches and the time is validated, the content data are decrypted and reproduced. In other words, the file or the data stream can be reproduced only on the registered devices within the allowable time period. Once you purchase or get a permission to use the digital content, you can enjoy it without any fear of infringement under current copyright laws.

Not only commercial web sites for digital contents, but also systems with a special terminal can be created for e-book borrowings in libraries and digital content sales in retail stores. Users bring their devices equipped with our chipset in a library or a store, and connect them to it so that they can borrow e-books at libraries or purchase such digital contents as e-books, movies and music at retail stores.

Company Information

Company Name Cryptsonic Technologies Incorporated
Corporation February 2017
Scope of Business Hardware and Software Development
Address 5858 Horton Street, Suite 300
Emeryville, CA 94608 U.S.A.
Phone Number 615-896-4334

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